History of sports development

From the very moment of the appearance of man on earth, he was associated with water. And for this, swimming is undoubtedly one of the very first and most ancient sports. Even before our era, people, watching the animals, adopted from them the skills of this kind of sport and moving on the water from shore to shore. This sport also helped in the extraction of food, that is, fishing, or vice versa in various wars. What is most surprising is that for the first time people learned to swim “like a dog”, learning from animals. And say that people are smarter than animals?

After all, mankind drew its knowledge from animals? which once again proves that man originates from animals. But now it is not about that.
Already in the 11th century, this kind of sport competitions began to be held, for the sake of fun and entertainment. Also, supporters of this kind of sport began to come up with different ways of this sport, which later led to competition among them. In Europe, swimming schools began to be founded, and training was carried out in open water, which was very unsafe. And later, approximately in the 19th – 20th century, mankind invented swimming pools for safe training and training for those who wanted to show themselves in this sport. Thus, based on history, this sport has become an integral part of the Olympic Games variety in our time.

Notable swimming styles

Perhaps the most famous style of this sport is the doggystyle swim. With this style of sport, they start from a very young age, relying on the visibility of how the dog swims. Each of us was taught to swim with the words: “Look how the dog swims.” In ancient times, people also tried to protect themselves from predators.

Another no less strange name for this sport is “Krol”. This species was invented by one of the Australians. Later, it was recognized as the fastest way to swim, which saves the swimmers as much strength and endurance as possible. This way of swimming is still the same today.
Tradgen . This way of sport is named after its English creator John Tradgen. Tradgen is often used to overcome long distances, which helps swimmers reduce energy consumption, and thereby control their fatigue.

Perhaps one of the most difficult styles of sailing is the butterfly. The style itself is explained by the fact that the movements of the human hands are very similar to the movements of the wings of a butterfly, hence the name butterfly. This species is recognized as the fastest variety of this sport, which is used even at the Olympic Games.

The next popular kind of this sport style is breaststroke. It is the progenitor of all other types of sailing. It was with him that the rest of the species began. Breaststroke is recognized as the oldest form of this kind of sport. His rock paintings were found in ancient Egypt, in caves. with the help of this type of sailing, athletes could achieve the highest results in this area.

The role of swimming for the health of any of us

Water is of great importance for humanity as a whole and to this day. The ability to swim was considered a valuable skill not only in ancient times, but to this day. After all, once a person enters the water for the first time, he goes to the bottom. Therefore, the ability to swim is vital. Sailing has a positive effect on human health.

Being engaged in this sport from birth, the child becomes hardy, strong, and most importantly, he has a goal in life, whether it is competition, or work, or something else. Also, water is most conducive to the development of flexibility and helps to reduce the risk of mortality by almost 50%. It has been proven by forty years of observations that it is swimmers who have the lowest mortality rate among people. Therefore, think about what kind of sport is more useful to do.