The birth of sports around the world

With the birth of mankind on earth, people everywhere strived to excel each other. Progress has never stood still.
Let’s talk about the meaning of the word “sport”.
Sport is a complex of physical exercises to maintain the shape of the body spiritually and physically, as well as a system for organizing championships and conducting them in this direction. Initially, this concept was not from the word at all. There was only the superiority of the physical form between people: who is faster, more enduring, stronger. No one thought about their physical form.

For example, hunters – the best was considered the one who could tire and drive his prey with his endurance. In order to show their superiority over other opponents, spectators were needed, so the first championships appeared. To be more precise, it was not a competition, but a selection of the best of the best. Even in ancient times, the first competitions were mentioned: archery and even slingshots, javelin throwing, horseback riding, fist fights, hunting, chariot races.

Mentions of sports were also found on the walls of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. According to one of the unofficial versions, it was in Egypt that the first competitions in running in special rooms, jumping, and lifting weights were held. But ancient Greece is considered the birthplace of physical culture.

Greece and the first competitions

The ancient Greeks lived by training. When they had children, the boys were already considered athletes. From childhood, they were instilled with a lifestyle habitual for physical exertion. all who wished to participate in one or another competition exhausted themselves for at least a year to prepare.

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By the way, the Greeks were among the first to have the opportunity to take a coach. Only the coach was considered not the one who is physically strong in one of the sports areas, but the person who won a prize in a certain sport in past competitions, who knew all kinds of mistakes and preferences.

Almost all modern sports came to us from the ancient Greeks, but only a few of them have improved a little. For example, consider a rally. Previously, there were chariot races, but there was only one winner, since the principle of this competition was to eliminate competitors. In the past, the winners of certain competitions were always held in high esteem and equated with God.
They had a lot of privileges. One of them is free food. After victories, such people were put in high positions. But sports should not be seen as an example of the ancient Greeks. Initially, sport is phrased as entertainment for leisure. Physical exercise should be fun, not a stupid competition for the sake of an unattainable result.

Ancient competitions as an alternative to war

People of that time already understood that bloody wars could be avoided by coming to ordinary competitions. Whether it be disagreements between tribes, cities, kingdoms or between powerful countries. For example, some tribes in Africa, which have developed tense relations between each other, in order to avoid war, met on neutral territory.

Each tribe was provided with the best hunter without any weapons. Their task was to catch the game with their bare hands for the championship. This task is not an easy one, for the game must first be exhausted in order for it to surrender itself. Sometimes such competitions lasted more than a week. And as practice showed, the participants gave up first.


The development of sports in other countries of the world

Not only ancient Greece is the birthplace of major physical culture.
There are other countries where the sport is still popular today. In ancient China, there was the development of certain sports. Apparently, China is the birthplace of gymnastics. It was very popular in ancient China. Initially, it was used as a greeting at holidays and celebrations. Honorary guests of the country were greeted with gymnastic performances. Also in China, swimming and fishing were rapidly developing.

Ancient Persia was famous for its horsemen and cavalry. There originated a sport that is known in our time under the name of polo. In this kind, riders on horseback move the ball with the help of hitting with a stick. This physical exercise among the Persians developed combat skills and combat without getting off the saddle. In a country where there are elephants, in order to keep up with their Persian brothers, people managed to play polo on elephants. But such entertainment has not gained popularity to this day.

Also in Persia, the first competitions of equestrian knights on spears were founded. Also a popular sport at all times and in all countries was tug of war. Usually the pulling was carried out over some kind of pit or swamp. Since the losing team had to feel completely defeated, falling into the ditch or smeared in the mud. According to one version, this tournament originated among northern peoples such as the Vikings. The Vikings were famous for their strength, power and composure. They had a lot of competition to resolve disputes. One of these unusual competitions is pulling the skin of a bear over a fiery pit.

Thus, the various entertainments of ordinary peoples and tribes have grown into the scale of modern world sports competitions since ancient times. Naturally, over time, the concept of sports and sports have improved, and some have even changed the very meaning of the game. Now these games have become entertainment for athletes and fans who experience excitement and adrenaline during the competition. But the traditions of the competition remained unchanged.

Tournament originated as a way to train warriors and an analogue to combat operations, but now humanity in sports is looking for a lack of sensations of emotions that they cannot afford in ordinary life. But in ancient times, it
was close to real life, it was tough and cruel.